AI-driven goDeskless optimizes field service and boosts customer satisfaction


AI-driven goDeskless optimizes field service and boosts customer satisfaction

goDeskless was born out of a need for a better way. 

Customers were frustrated with the time-consuming process of scheduling services, often resulting in inconvenient appointment dates and lengthy 3-4 hour arrival windows. Field technicians faced their own challenges, unable to connect with customers until arrival and risking pay docks if they couldn't resolve issues on the first visit. Customer service agents and dispatchers struggled with outdated technology, limiting them to basic scheduling and manual technician management. 

We got creative and developed an innovative solution that transforms field service management: 

For Customers: Simplified scheduling with more accurate and convenient appointment slots, eliminating long wait times. 

For Field Technicians: Enhanced communication with customers before arrival, ensuring they're equipped to resolve issues on the first visit, and preventing pay docks. 

For Customer Service Agents and Dispatchers: Advanced scheduling and technician management tools replace outdated technology, making their jobs easier and more efficient. 

Experience the goDeskless difference and see how we can revolutionize your field service operations.
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