Simplify GraphQL API management with WunderGraph Cosmo. From composition checks to distributed tracing, Cosmo offers a unified platform for managing federated architectures. Empower your team to scale effortlessly and streamline workflows with Cosmo's intuitive features.


WunderGraph Cosmo


WunderGraph Cosmo leads the charge in revolutionizing GraphQL API management, providing a comprehensive solution for federated architectures. From schema registry to request tracing and analytics, Cosmo offers a suite of powerful tools to streamline API management workflows. With support for both monolithic and federated APIs, Cosmo caters to the diverse needs of modern organizations. Seamlessly integrate Cosmo into your infrastructure, whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud, and experience unparalleled scalability and flexibility. Say goodbye to fragmented solutions and hello to the unified approach of Cosmo, empowering teams to navigate the complexities of GraphQL federation with ease.

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