Trainn is an all-in-one training platform designed for SaaS companies, offering no-code tools for creating and managing training content. The platform excels with built-in content creation and the ability to update materials in real-time.


Trainn: No-Code Customer Training for SaaS Companies

Trainn is a robust customer training platform tailored for SaaS companies. It offers an all-in-one solution to create, host, and manage training content without requiring any coding skills. With Trainn, you can produce engaging product videos, detailed instructional guides, and interactive guides seamlessly. The platform stands out with its built-in content creation tools, enabling teams to update training materials on-the-go. The Knowledge Base feature lets you create and customize articles and help videos, available both publicly and privately. Additionally, Trainn's Academy provides a zero-code LMS solution with built-in content authoring. This comprehensive tool includes a course builder, quizzes, certifications, and LMS reporting, making SaaS training effortless.
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