SteelSync: Transform Linear challenges into seamless efficiency with automation and collaboration. Elevate your projects effortlessly.



SteelSync is your definitive solution to optimize Linear's capabilities, empowering tech teams to effortlessly manage business requests, streamline project updates, and maintain cohesive public and private boards in real time. By automating tedious tasks like handling feature requests and bug reports, SteelSync eliminates errors and boosts efficiency. Our platform ensures seamless communication across teams and stakeholders with centralized updates and a unified, real-time board. Share your project's next steps transparently using SteelSync's intuitive public roadmap feature, designed to enhance collaboration and drive project success. Embrace SteelSync to transform your project management challenges into opportunities for growth and streamlined operations.
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Regarding privacy concerns, it's simple - we don't sell your data. In fact, we try to use privacy-focused software/services like Fathom Analytics whenever we use any third-party services.