Solvice is a B2B SaaS company that enhances scheduling and planning tools with Artificial Intelligence through our APIs, using Heuristics, Optimization, and Machine Learning. Our products, including OnRoute, OnShift, and OnPick, optimize resource scheduling for industries like workforce management, field service, and last-mile delivery.


Solvice: Advanced AI APIs for Scheduling and Planning Solutions

Solvice is a B2B SaaS company specializing in integrating Artificial Intelligence into scheduling and planning tools through our APIs. We leverage Heuristics, Optimization, and Machine Learning to enhance these processes. Our primary clientele includes software companies in workforce management, field service, and last-mile delivery, as well as organizations in need of sophisticated scheduling algorithms. We offer three main products: OnRoute, OnShift, and OnPick. These products use AI optimization algorithms for resource scheduling and optimization. Delivered as API layers, they enhance existing scheduling solutions with advanced AI capabilities.
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