Not Evil Sudoku

I don't mind ads. I really don't. A banner ad here or there is totally fine by me. But, most of the games on the app store are filled with ads to such an extent that it's ridiculous. These apps are literally unusable. Back in February 2022, I wanted to make sudoku a daily habit and as most people would, I looked up "sudoku" on the App Store and downloaded the top result. It was so terrible that it blew my mind. Every few moves I had to watch a video ad. Every few MOVES not every few games. This is on top of a banner ad that's constantly playing at the bottom. How are you supposed to play a game without chucking your phone out the window? Even if you sort the reviews of this app by most favorable the results are mostly negative, complaining about the ads, but it still has 4.5 stars . So, as any self-respecting developer would, I built my own. It's clean, ad-free and minimalistic. You can find it here:


No updates here yet. Stay tuned 🤞

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