DigiCord AI

The most useful ALL-IN-ONE AI Discord bot ever! An all in one AI-powered Discord Bot: - Support 40+ LLMs such as OpenAI GPT-4/GPT-4o, Claude Haiku/Sonnet/Opus, Gemini Pro 1.5, Meta Llama 3, Mistral,... - Many AI Vision models to analyze images with prompts - Prompt to generate stunning arts - Summarize web, Youtube, documents,... - Role-play chatting with AI agents - Recap group conversations - Text to speech and speech to text - Generative Search & Image Search And a lot more!


DigiCord AI - Soft Launching!

✨I has released DigiCord.Site - an ALL-IN-ONE AI Assistant in Discord - with over 40 LLMs (GPT-4, Gemini, Claude, Meta, etc), AI vision models, stable diffusion models,...
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Enhance teamwork collaboration with AI in any channels: 

  • Summarize web pages or Youtube channels
  • Writing SEO articles or blog posts
  • Analyzing images & provide descriptions
  • Drawing stunning artworks with LeonardoAI
  • Role-play chatting! (just like GPT store, but FREE)
  • Function calling, Web browsing research, PDF AI, Image Search (coming soon)

No monthly subscriptions, only pay for what you actually used. 

I let my company (40 members) used it in a month, only costed $30 (compare to $200 of 10 ChatGPT accounts/month without teamwork collab as before). 

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(Enjoy the generous FREE TRIAL, then apply “DIGICORDSOFTLAUNCH” to get 10% off at top-up checkout)

🌟 Don't snooze on this AI bestie - @DigiCordBot’s about to be your new fave Discord pal! 

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