AI-powered accounting for small businesses


COUNT: AI-powered accounting for small businesses


COUNT is an AI-driven accounting software that simplifies accounting for business owners and entrepreneurs by using plain English prompts and the automation of routine tasks. It's designed to make accounting intuitive, enabling users to manage their finances without needing extensive training or expensive professionals.ย 

Unlike traditional accounting software that can be full of complex jargon and require specialized knowledge, COUNT uses AI to handle tasks like vendor assignment, duplicate detection, and fraud alerts with high accuracy and generates answers to user-prompted questions. It analyzes finances to predict future expenses, warns of potential cash flow issues, and identifies areas for cost savings. These actionable insights empower business owners to make informed decisions so their businesses can thrive.

COUNT leverages detailed business information to tailor its processes and ML models. It tackles common manual and back-office tasks like automatic categorization of expenses. Weโ€™re introducing collaborative tools, insights, forecasts, and automated workflows to enhance team interaction and operational efficiency.
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