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Chat with a pharmacist online


Chat with a pharmacist online

Medidex Connect
Medidex Connect is your personal 24/7 online pharmacist chat service. Get quick and convenient answers to your general health and medication questions from a qualified source with Medidex Connect, your personal 24/7 online pharmacist chat service. On Medidex Connect you can connect instantly with licensed pharmacists in a secure and private 1:1 chat so you always have access to trustworthy information about health and medications. Inquire about prescription prices, symptoms or side effects you're experiencing, potential allergic reactions, over-the-counter (OTC) options, and more. Our pharmacists are here to assist with non-emergency medication topics, ensuring you have the information you need. Our mobile app provides on-demand access to qualified pharmacists wherever life takes you. The best part? The service is 5-10x more affordable than existing telehealth options, with prices starting at as little as $10 per session – even beating the cost of most insurance co-pays! 

Get connected with a pharmacist in less than 5 minutes by signing up to Medidex Connect today!

Topics you can chat with the pharmacist about:
Non-emergency topics related to medications
Prescription prices and generic options
Possible allergic reactions
Symptoms you may be experiencing
Side effects of prescription medications
Over-the-counter (OTC) options

Access to pharmacists nationwide 
24/7 hotline to ask questions
Private and secure chat
View your chat history
User friendly interface

Sample questions to ask:
Are there any generic options available for a medication?
What are the side effects of medication?
How do I properly take this medication?
What happens if I miss a dose of this medication?
What are some over-the-counter supplements for gut health?
Are there any natural products available for migraines?
What is the best medication to take for my condition?
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